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“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing--and keeping the unknown always beyond you.”

- Georgia O'Keefe

Every Brilliant Thing, by Duncan Macmillan

Theatre Director 

A highly interactive one-person play, advocating for Suicide prevention and Depression awareness. 

Produced in Brooklyn, NY with an independent theatre collective.


Caravan Stage Company

Performer, Vocalist, Vocal Coach

Founded by Paul Kirby and Adriana Kelder.

A touring theatre company, which utilizes a 90 ft. tall ship as its performance venue. 

The Caravan Stage Company produces original, large-scale rock operas. The company seeks to spread messages of social and political change. 

As a touring artist I lived, worked, and traveled on board. This is a fully communal living experience in which all company members not only serve as artists, but also crew the ship and rebuild the set at each site. 

The Caravan Stage Company - A traveling art piece inside and out

Bicycle & Performance Tour

Cleveland, TN - Pittsburgh, PA (850 Miles)

In 2016 a friend and I rode our bicycles from Tennessee to Pittsburgh. Along the way we performed an original children's show, played concerts in bookstores & coffee shops, and did some busking too. 

Most of all we spoke to many strangers who quickly became our friends, showing us endless kindness and generosity. 


Creative Playtime for Young Ones

Over the last few years I've gained special experience as a teacher, facilitator, & children's musician working with young children (ages 0-6) and the arts!


At the start of the pandemic, in order to support families with young children, I began a free live show on Facebook with my puppet pal, Hey Hey Hopscotch!

Check out my La La Lindsey Youtube Channel!

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